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Norm Van Lier Jersey

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The Chicago Bulls had an identity before Michael Jordan came along and it was primarily forged by the backcourt of Jerry Sloan and Norm Van Lier.

Both guys were renowned for their toughness. Van Lier was smallish at 6-1 but he more than made up for it.

He and Sloan may have been the toughest backcourt anyone has had. These are guys that Larry Bird, also legendarily tough, would have loved.

Van Lier came out of East Liverpool in Northeast Ohio and was not seen as a big prospect. He went to St. Francis and then had a 10-year career in the NBA.

When you see this clip, you’ll see a guy who was sort of between eras. He was obviously really quick but at times seemed to belong to the older NBA. Then you see him spin in traffic or dart to the basket and realize he was something special. He would have been fun in today’s NBA and he would still be one of the tougher guys in the league.

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Chicago Bulls’ Zach LaVine (8) acknowledges the play of first-round draft pick Coby White during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the New York Knicks Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019, in Chicago. The Bulls won 120-102.

Mike McGraw
Mike McGraw

Updated 11/13/2019 7:46 PM

Coby White has produced some memorable highlights so far in his rookie season.

Topping the charts was Tuesday’s fourth-quarter outburst against the New York Knicks. White, 19, became the youngest player in NBA history to knock down 7 3-pointers in a game, and he did it all in the fourth quarter. White made 7 of 8 shots from behind the arch as the Bulls rolled to a 120-102 victory.

He’s the third teenager to hit 7 NBA 3s in a game, joining Luka Doncic and Anfernee Simons, according to basketball-reference.com. Both were about a month older than White when they did it. Lauri Markkanen is the ninth-youngest player to accomplish the feat, which he did on Jan. 10, 2018.

White got off to a nice start this season by scoring a combined 42 points in the first two games against Charlotte and Memphis. What’s problematic is what happened in Games 3-10.

Maybe I was permanently damaged by sitting through the Bulls’ early 2000s rebuild, but White’s hot shooting Tuesday sent out some red flags.

In the eight-game stretch before that, the 6-foot-7 guard from North Carolina was ice cold. White averaged 8.6 points, shot 28 percent from the field overall and 15 percent from 3-point range (6 for 40) over an eight-game stretch.
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Maybe he’ll build off this amazing performance, maybe he won’t. But it’s way too soon to say White has shown what he can do in the NBA. One great quarter once every three weeks is more a sign that someone is not a good NBA player.

Personally, I call this the “Marcus Fizer syndrome.” Fizer was the No. 4 overall draft pick in 2000 who didn’t last long in the NBA but did produce the Bulls’ only 30-point, 20-rebound game over a 20-year span from 1992-2012.

And it’s not even fair to pick on Fizer. You could name this after Jay Williams, Eddie Robinson, Tyrus Thomas, Tony Snell, James Johnson and many others in recent Bulls history.

The message is basically just to celebrate responsibly. It’s easy to get caught up in how well someone played in one particular game. It was a needed win over the lowly Knicks, but White has a long way to go as an NBA player.

Asked what White has to do to stay on the right track and not be a one-quarter wonder, Bulls coach Jim Boylen took a different perspective.

“I don’t look at it like maybe he had a good moment here and then two weeks later he had a good moment here,” Boylen said Wednesday at the Advocate Center. “I see good moments in every game. I see growth in every game, whether it’s defensively or decision-making.

“We are trying to get quality shots on goal; we’re trying to get the ball to the paint and make good decisions. That’s how I evaluate this team. If I evaluate on just the ball going in every two or three weeks, I think I’d be shortsighted. He’s a 19-year-old player, playing in the NBA and he’s doing his best to help us win.”

The great NBA players bring an A-plus performance every night, and the Bulls will see one of those Thursday when they face Giannis Antetokounmpo in Milwaukee. The good ones are at their best on most nights and everyone else is pretty much a role player. The Bulls obviously are hoping White can be a key piece to the current rebuild.

“Not only was he (White) getting it going, I thought we were playing really solid defense, caused a lot of turnovers where we were able to get out in transition and get some easy baskets,” Bulls guard Ryan Arcidiacono said. “It’s tough to win in this league. I don’t care who you’re playing against.”

• Twitter: @McGrawDHBulls

Bulls vs. Milwaukee Bucks, Thursday 7 p.m. at Fiserv Forum

TV: NBCSCH; Radio: WSCR 670-AM

Outlook: The Bucks received some bad news this week that SG Khris Middleton will be sidelined 3-4 weeks with a left-thigh contusion. The injury happened in Sunday’s victory at Oklahoma City, and this will be their first game without him. … Otherwise, Milwaukee (7-3) is off to a good start. Last year’s MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, is averaging 29.7 points, 14.3 rebounds and 6.8 assists. All of those numbers would be career highs if they hold up. Middleton (18.5 ppg) is the team’s second-leading scorer, followed by PG Eric Bledsoe at 16.3 ppg. Ex-Bulls Robin Lopez and Kyle Korver are contributing off the bench. … The Bulls have lost six straight in the series.

Next: Brooklyn Nets, Saturday 5 p.m. at the United Center

— Mike McGraw

Luol Deng Jersey

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Luol Deng will be in attendance at the Chicago Bulls’ game against the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday. He recently inked a one-day contract to retire as a Bull. Per KC Johnson of NBCS Chicago, he’ll likely be honored by the organization.

Luol Deng will be in attendance at the Chicago Bulls’ game against the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday. He recently inked a one-day contract to retire as a Bull. Per KC Johnson of NBCS Chicago, he’ll likely be honored by the organization.

Deng announced his retirement in October after 15 years in the NBA. His journey started with the Bulls — a team where he spent nine and a half seasons with.

During his stint in Chicago, Deng was one of the focal points of the team. He was essential in the team’s playoff campaign in the mid-late 2000s as well as the 2010s. From an individual standpoint, Deng had his best years in the Windy City. He was selected into the All-Star team twice, was part of the NBA All-Defensive Second Team, and was part of the NBA All-Rookie Team.

When he left Chicago, Luol Deng seemingly fell out of the radar. He jumped from team to team, suffered several injuries, and when he did get a chance to play, he saw very limited action. Some fans even thought that he had retired.

So it’s definitely a class act by the Bulls to sign him for just one day. History hasn’t been nice to some players and the Chicago organization wants everyone to remember that once upon a time, Luol Deng was the face of the franchise and is now an important part of the organization’s rich history.

Kirk Hinrich Jersey

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Back in 1984, Tommy Edwards settled into his seat at the Biograph Theater to catch a movie with his wife when some ambient music started playing in the background.

“I told Mary Lou, ‘I know this song. It’s Sirius by the Alan Parsons Project,’” Edwards, a longtime disc jockey and radio programmer at WLS, said, referencing his wife. “The more I listened to it, I’m thinking, ‘Wait a minute. This could be the Bulls’ song.’”

The next day, Edwards bought the vinyl album, put it on his turntable at home and started practicing the Bulls’ starting lineup behind it.

“And because it has so many great parts to its intro—a new guitar part or crescendo—it worked great,” Edwards said. “The Bulls loved it immediately. Michael (Jordan) loved it. That’s been the opening lineup music ever since.”

The song actually has become a cultural phenomenon, played at weddings and bar mitzvahs and in sporting venues around the world. And it will last beyond Edwards, who will serve his last game as Bulls public address announcer Saturday against the Houston Rockets.

Edwards, whose innovations and broadcasting chops helped transform in-game sports entertainment, worked in the role from 1976-1981 and 1983-1990 at the old Chicago Stadium and again from 2006 to the present at the United Center. He missed the championship years as his successful radio career took him to Boston and Los Angeles, where he will retire to be with his three children and four grandchildren.

“Mary Lou and I have always wondered what it would be like to have the entire year to do the things we want to do—travel, be with family. The nine months of the basketball season kept us from doing that. Now we’re going to be able to go to birthday parties all the time and do all the things grandparents do more frequently,” Edwards said. “Leaving is going to be bittersweet. I’m looking forward to being in Los Angeles with the kids and family. But I’m going to miss doing games. It’s part of my DNA.”

One day, Edwards finished his disc jockey shift at WLS and a sales manager who had a friend who worked for the Bulls told him the franchise needed a public address announcer. Edwards, who grew up in Topeka, Kansas, watching Wilt Chamberlain play in college, was a huge basketball fan.

“I said, ‘Wait a minute. So they want to pay me to go to games?’” Edwards said. “I thought about it for about a second and then said, ‘OK, I’ll audition.’”

He got the job. Originally, the in-game entertainment merely consisted of Edwards on a microphone and organist Nancy Faust working her magic. But the Bulls recognized an opportunity to use Edwards’ musical knowledge and ability to dub music from his radio station to bring to the Stadium.

“When the game got very exciting, I would play a song called ‘Rock and Roll, Part 2’ by Gary Glitter,” Edwards said. “Opposing teams would call me and ask what song that was.”

When the Bulls drafted Jordan, marketing officials worked with Edwards to come up with something special for the potential star. They had already teamed to be the first in the league to turn off the lights for starting lineup introductions in 1977. At first, Edwards used Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to introduce Jordan and the other starters. Some games, he’d experiment with the theme song from the hit TV show “Miami Vice.”

And then Edwards heard “Sirius,” the instrumental introduction to the song “Eye In The Sky.”

By this time, Edwards had begun using his “And now . . .” prelude to the starting lineup introductions. Per his then-young daughter’s request, he had permanently settled on using “the man in the middle” for the starting center intro after first trying the more simple “in the middle.”

One son served as a ballboy for nine years. His family grew up around the game. A big part of his life’s work has served as the soundtrack to many memorable sporting events.

“It’s been wonderful,” Edwards said. “I’ve had a great time.”

That includes great memories. Like the time then-announcer Johnny “Red” Kerr accidentally kicked a live wire underneath the scorer’s table, setting off the horn celebrating hockey goals just as Knicks’ Hall of Famer Patrick Ewing prepared to shoot free throws.

“Ewing looks over at us with fire in his eyes, like, ‘What are you doing?’ The officials did too,” Edwards said, laughing. “He bounced the ball to shoot again and it went off again. It looked like he was getting ready to come over to the table. The official jumped in front. He said, ‘What are you guys doing?’ We said, ‘We’re not doing anything!’ Meanwhile, the electrician is crawling under the table and finding the wire that Johnny Kerr is accidentally kicking.”

Or the time Darryl Dawkins, the dunker extraordinaire for the 76ers, got into a long conversation with Edwards and official scorer Bob Rosenberg about how much money his wife spent on a fur coat as he prepared to check into the game.

“Play stopped, the officials waved him on and he’s not paying attention. He’s talking to us,” Edwards said, laughing. “We’re saying, ‘Darryl, uh, you need to go in the game.’”

Or the one time Edwards forgot Kirk Hinrich hated having his name announced as he prepared to shoot free throws and Hinrich missed both shots.

“I felt terrible,” Edwards said. “I loved Kirk.”

Or the time Derrick Rose approached Edwards and asked him to play Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” because he heard it once at a Bulls game as a kid.

“I’m going to miss my friends, the guys and girls at the (scorers) table. We all have to rely on each other so much,” Edwards said. “I’ll miss watching the players up close and appreciating the incredible talent they have. I’m going to miss working for Jerry Reinsdorf. He’s terrific. He has built such an incredible organization.

“Chicago fans are incredible. I’ll remember moments like when Joakim (Noah) stole the ball from (Paul) Pierce and went down and dunked and the crowd went crazy. I’m there with a microphone and I can’t hear myself on these giant speakers because the crowd is so loud. It’s so exciting to be a part of that.”

After Saturday, Edwards no longer will be.

“But I’ll still be a huge Bulls fan,” he said. “That doesn’t change.”

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Joakim Noah Jersey

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All-Star guard Jimmy Butler made a dramatic return to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Wednesday, boldly challenging teammates, coaches and front-office executives in the practice session, league sources told ESPN.

Butler was vociferous and intense throughout the scrimmages, targeting president of basketball operations and coach Tom Thibodeau, general manager Scott Layden and teammates, including Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, league sources said.

As the GM watched on the sidelines during a scrimmage, sources said that Butler yelled to Layden: “You f—ing need me, Scott. You can’t win without me.”

It was Butler’s first practice with the team since requesting a trade three weeks ago.
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Which teams should not trade for Jimmy Butler?

In an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols after Wednesday’s practice, Butler described his emotions in the practice session.

“A lot of it is true,” he said. “I haven’t played basketball in so long. I’m so passionate. I don’t do it for any reason but to compete. All my emotion came out in one time. Was it the right way? No! But I can’t control that when I’m out there competing. That’s raw me, me at my finest, me at my purest. Inside the lines.”

Many of the Minnesota players left practice energized by Butler’s performance, mesmerized with him taking several end-of-the-bench players and running the table in scrimmage games against the regulars, league sources said. After punctuating the final victory at the end of practice, Butler marched out of the gym as though to emphasize he had proved his point, sources said. Coaches and players were largely speechless, league sources said.

A fledgling team that has struggled to get by without Butler in the preseason had plenty of teammates anxious to see him back in the gym permanently, sources said. But it is unclear if Butler made his full-time return to the Timberwolves or just proved a point of some kind in practice.

Butler told Nichols that he planned to practice with the team again Thursday, but the team canceled the session in the morning.

Butler acknowledged that he can be hard on teammates, especially Towns, and said on Wednesday that the All-Star center talked trash to him in the scrimmage — and Butler responded. And yet, Butler also chastised his younger teammates for not speaking up and challenging him Wednesday.

“Am I being tough on him? Yeah, that’s who am I,” Butler said. “I’m not the most talented player on the team. Who is the most talented player on our team — KAT. Who is the most God-gifted player on our team — Wiggs. Who plays the hardest? Me! I play hard. I put my body [on the line] every day in practice, every day in games. That’s my passion. Everybody leads in different ways. That’s how I show I’m here for you.”

After a proposed Butler trade fell apart over the weekend, the Miami Heat remain interested in restarting talks with Minnesota to acquire him, league sources told ESPN earlier Wednesday. Minnesota and Miami advanced to the brink of a blockbuster trade for Butler over the weekend — only for the deal to fracture before completion, sources said.

Minnesota had shared Butler’s medical information with Miami late last week, sources said, a typical last step before finalizing a trade. Minnesota moved to amend the framework of the trade and talks collapsed on Saturday, league sources said.

A source of Butler’s discontent appears to be his belief that not all of his teammates are committed to winning.

“I think that’s the part everybody doesn’t see,” Butler said. “I’m not going to say no names. I’m going to be honest: If your No. 1 priority isn’t winning, people can tell. That’s the battle. Now there is a problem between people. That’s where the disconnect is.”

Showing up to practice doesn’t appear to have resolved the issues he has with the team.

“It’s not fixed,” Butler told Nichols. “Let’s be honest.”

Asked if it could be fixed, he said: “It could be. Do I think so? No.”

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As part of an interview with NBC Sports, Derrick Rose explained how he used his former Bulls teammate, Joakim Noah, as a model in raising his eldest son, P.J.

Rose came to know Joakim quite well, as they spent time together in both Chicago and New York. He was interested in Noah’s financially stable upbringing and often asked him questions about the various schools he attended as a child.

Noah grew up in a wealthy family, as his father, Yannick Noah, is a former professional tennis player and singer from France. Joakim’s mother, Cécilia Rodhe, is a former model and Miss Sweden 1978. Rose, on the other hand, is from Chicago’s inner city, but he went on to become the No. 1 overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft.

Rose discussed his relationship with Noah:

“I mean, Jo, I think he wouldn’t mind me saying this, he grew up a silver spoon. I call him soft socks,” Rose said, via NBC Sports. “That’s no knock for people who grew up like him. I used to ask him a lot of questions when he was on the team. I mean, like from grammar school, high school, college, just ask him the activities that he got into when he was older because he had access to everything. He was financially stable. His parents were around here and there.”

Rose was keeping notes for the future. More specifically, his son’s future. P.J. is growing up in a wealthy family, just as Joakim did:

“I used to ask about some of the diplomatic schools he used to attend in New York and how he’d travel to France and internationally,” Rose added. “This whole time, I’m keeping tips. I’m keeping them in my head because it’s like, ‘All right, when my son grows up, he’s going to be in the exact same position as Joakim.’ . . . What drew me to Joakim is his mentality, how he’s independent. He’s not living off his Pops’ legacy. He has made his own legacy in a way. That’s something that I always loved and I was drawn to.”

Rose, who signed a two-year, $15 million deal with the Pistons in July, will make his second appearance of this season at the United Center on Wednesday night. In his first visit of this campaign, the crowd stood in ovation, belting out MVP chants.

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Jimmy Butler only played one season with MVP Derrick Rose on the Chicago Bulls, but that one season was enough for Butler to know that prime D-Rose was something special.

Butler says Rose, before the injuries, is the most unstoppable player he’s played with in his career, via The Players’ Tribune:

“Man, I was there with prime D-Rose, like MVP Rose. When I would see him do stuff in practice, I thought, ‘Man, that’s absolutely incredible.’ And then he’d go and do it two times in the game. I was like, ‘This guy is for real.’ “

Rose became the youngest MVP in NBA history during the 2010-11 season. He averaged 25.0 points and 7.7 assists while leading the Bulls to 62 regular season wins and a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The next season, Rose put up 21.8 points and 7.9 assists in 39 games. The 2011-12 season was the lockout season. That was Butler’s first year on the Bulls and he was in awe of what Rose was doing on a nightly basis.

Unfortunately, Rose tore his ACL in Game 1 of the Bulls’ first round series against the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2012 playoffs. That was the first of four knee surgeries for Rose, who is now a sixth man contributor for the Detroit Pistons.

However, despite coming off the bench, Rose is still very productive. He’s averaging 16.5 points and 5.2 assists for Detroit while shooting 50.0 percent from the floor.

D-Rose finished his Bulls career with averages of 19.7 points and 6.2 assists in 406 games.

Dennis Rodman Jersey

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Dennis Rodman is no stranger to controversial media attention. After dating super-rockstar Madonna, he settled into a short-lived marriage to Carmen Electra in 1998, only to turn around and claim his bisexuality by marrying himself — dressed in full wedding gown, tiara, and makeup.

But, even his shocking relationship with the leader of the most well-known Hermit Kingdom of North Korea can’t outshine the brilliance of his career when he was at the top of his game.

Aside from his off-court antics, Rodman has long been considered a basketball genius, one of the best rebounders of all time, and a tenacious defender. In a recent Kevin Hart interview during the third season of his highly-rated show, Cold As Balls which airs on the Laugh Out Loud Network, Dennis Rodman expounded on the controversies surrounding his time with the San Antonio Spurs under General Manager and Coach Gregg Popovich.
Dennis Rodman sitting in a hat and sunglasses.
Dennis Rodman | Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images
How Dennis Rodman left San Antonio

Dennis Rodman was only in his second year with the Spurs when Gregg Popovich joined the team as head coach. As it turned out, it would be Rodman’s final year with the Spurs.

Rodman had come to San Antonio by way of the Detroit Pistons. While he was still considered a serious player for the Spurs, he had become a distraction off-court and was difficult to deal with in practice and on-the-court after the departure of Spur’s Head Coach Chuck Daly

It became obvious to both the fans and the NBA that Dennis Rodman was dealing with not just behavioral problems, but emotional issues also. He was still valued on the court — but that was only when he was settled down enough to concentrate on the game. Covered in tattoos and sporting platinum blonde hair, is it possible that Rodman’s style didn’t sit well with the Spurs new GM Gregg Popovich.

During the Cold as Balls interview, Rodman looked back on that tumultuous year with the Spurs, claiming that Popovich didn’t like Rodman “at all.” It is true that Popovich is known for his spiritually, treating the before-game prayer as a serious tactic for winning.

According to Rodman, GM Popovich considered him “the devil”. True to Rodman’s spirit, he jokes that he wasn’t being paid to be nice, he was being paid to win.

While the city of San Antonio embraced Rodman’s contribution to the Spurs which included an average of 19 rebounds per game, 68 wins for the season, assisting David Robinson to his MVP for that year, Dennis Rodman states that Popovich “hated my guts because I wasn’t a Bible guy.”

The relationship was so contentious, that Gregg Popovich traded the flamboyant forward to Chicago for Will Perdue. Rodman took this move as a huge insult and proof that Popovich had it out for him the whole time.
Rodman with the Chicago Bulls

Dennis Rodman also discussed his time with the Chicago Bulls, playing alongside Michael Jordan during the team’s successful run for 3 NBA championship titles (1996-98).

During one of his first press conferences for the team, Rodman remembers how he took off his hat to show he had dyed his hair red and turned around to show the shaved emblem of the Chicago Bulls. He was ready to go in and make a difference — despite all the heavy press that was following him!

As for his relationship with Jordan, Rodman filled that crucial power forward void for the Bulls — and two seemed to get along on the floor without much fanfare.

While the 34-year-old played under coach Phil Jackson, he averaged 14.9 rebounds per game, 5.5 points, and won another title as the greatest rebounder for the season. The Bulls won an incredible 72 out of the 82 regular games with Dennis Rodman, setting an NBA record at that time.

In all fairness, Rodman and Popovich are not the first or the last player and coach that didn’t mesh well, despite both having incredible talent. DeMarcus Cousins and Kings’ head coach George Karl didn’t get along. But, whether Popovich had it out for Dennis Rodman or not, being traded to the Chicago Bulls at that time in history — really wasn’t a bad deal after all.

Bob Love Jersey

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Kris Dunn turned in one of the more complete performances of his career in Friday night’s loss to the Pacers. He racked up 17 assists, joining some great names in Bulls history.

Dunn became one of nine players in Bulls’ history to finish a game with at least 17 assists in a game.

The other eight players in Bulls history who have racked up at least 17 assists in a game are:

Guy Rodgers, Clem Haskins, Norm Van Lier, Ennis Whatley, Sam Vincent, Michael Jordan, Kirk Hinrich and most recently (via our Chris Kamka) before Dunn, Derrick Rose.

Out of the nine players in Bulls history to get at least 17 assists in a game, Dunn actually tied Whatley for the highest field goal percentage of the bunch at 66.7 percent on 6-for-9 shooting from the field. This is yet another figure that shows just how well Dunn was controlling the flow of the offense on Friday night.

And in a more specific measure, Dunn also became only the second player in Bulls franchise history to net 17 assists and at least two made 3-pointers in a game. This one was huge for Dunn, as it represented the first time he hit multiple 3-pointers in a game this season.

Dunn has been slowly but surely improving, and as of now he is playing a role this team desperately needs. His defense has always been good–foul issues notwithstanding–but it is well documented that if he can improve his 3-point shooting accuracy, his ceiling becomes very, very different.

So while the 17 assists are awesome to see, the 3-point makes were nice too. This season, Dunn is shooting a sizzling-hot 50 percent on corner 3-point shots, and 35 percent on all 3-point shots. Last season Dunn shot 38 percent on corner 3s and 32 percent from the 3-point line. So if he has improved again as a shooter, somewhere around the 34-to-35 percent mark from 3-point range would be about right, even if it comes on a much lower volume.

Much like Russell Westbrook–the former MVP and 7-time All-NBA team member–, Dunn received much doubt over whether he could develop into a quality NBA point guard because of his lack of a jump shot. But also similar to “The Brodie”, Dunn has flashed the ability to have a huge impact on games even if his shot isn’t falling.

Dunn’s 17 assist game may be remembered down the line as a nice little reward for Bulls fans among a tough season, or it may fall by the wayside like the not widely discussed or remembered Sam Vincent 17-assist game from 1988.

But if the development of the young Bulls’ core goes as well as John Paxson and co. expect, this game may well go down as the exact moment when the Bulls’ “Big 3” finally clicked.

Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan.

These are just a few of the names which spring to mind when you think about the greatest power forwards to ever step foot on the NBA court.

Unfortunately, all three of these players are quite expensive on MyTEAM. However, its not all doom and gloom as there is a whole host of stars you can pick up for less than 50k.

All five players in this list come in at under 50k and it includes some BIG names, such as Karl Malone and Kevin McHale.

Here is our list of the top five budget power forwards on NBA 2K20.
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‘77 Bob Love (OVR 95)

Card Type: Legacy

Position: PF / SF

Team: Chicago Bulls

Best stats: 98 offensive consistency, 97 shot IQ, 95 stamina

Cost: 43k

The best budget power forward on NBA 2K20 is the 95 rated Bulls legend Bob Love, who can be picked up for just over 40k.

‘Butterbean’, as he was affectionatly known in his playing days, played for five teams during his 11 year NBA career, but is best remembered for his time in Chicago.

READ MORE: Best five driving dunkers on MyTEAM

A master with both hands (95 rated hands in game), he was a three time NBA All-Star during his time in Chicago and whilst he never won a ring during his time with the Bulls, he left such a mark that he was the second player to have his number (10) retired by the franchise.
‘04 Karl Malone (OVR 92)

Card type: Spotlight

Position: PF / C

Team: ‘97-‘98 Utah Jazz

Best stats: 99 durability, 98 offensive consistency, 98 reaction time

Cost: 15k

The next name in the top five is the two time NBA MVP Karl Malone.

Arguably the greatest player to ever play for the Utah Jazz, Malone spent 18 years in Utah, making the All-Star team fourteen times during that stretch. Over the course of his career he averaged a double double with 25 PPG and 10.1 RPG and like Love, Malone had his number retired by both club and college at the end of his career.

Malone is a beast in the paint, with his inside scoring (89 OVR) made up of 91 post moves, 85 standing dunk and 85 driving dunk. For just 15k there is no doubt he would be a great signing for any side.
‘93 Kevin McHale (OVR 92)

Card type: Spotlight

Position: PF / C

Team: ‘85-‘86 Boston Celtics

Best stats: 98 stamina, 98 shot IQ, 95 offensive consistency

Cost: 11.5k

Kevin McHale is another one team man, spending his full playing days in Boston with the Celtics and is known for being one of the best NBA power forwards of all time.

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The three time NBA Champion was a third overall pick for the Cs in the 1980 draft and remained in Boston until he retired in 1993. Whilst he was no chump on offense – averaging 17.9 PPG – he was better known for his defensive abilities, highlighted by his 89 rated interior defense and his 94 pick and roll defense IQ.

Like Malone, McHale can also play in the center role, a nice versatile player who despite his 92 OVR, can be picked up for just 11.5k
‘05 Christian Laettner (OVR 92)

Card type: Prime VIP

Position: PF / C

Team: Atlanta Hawks

Best stats: 95 hustle, 95 hands, 95 shot IQ

Cost: 10k

Another player who comes in at less than 50k with a 92 OVR is the NBA journeyman Christian Laettner

Laettner started his career in Minnesota with the Timberwolves, staying their for four seasons before making the move to Atlanta. It was in his time with Atlanta where he made his first and only NBA All-Star appearance in 1997.

Whilst his NBA record is impressive, Laettner is better remembered for his time in college playing in the NCAA, with his time with the Duke Blue Devils regarded as one of the greatest in the competitions history.

Christian’s hustle is his top rated stat (95 OVR) and rightly so, he grafted from the first whistle to the last, picking up a whopping 5,806 rebounds in his NBA career (88 OVR).
‘76 Bobby Jones (90 OVR)

Card type: Legacy

Position: PF

Team: ‘76-‘77 Philadelphia 76ers

Best stats: 98 reaction time, 98 pick and roll defence IQ, 98 reaction time

Cost: 10k

The last name to make the list for the top five budget power forwards is the defensive machine Bobby Jones.

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Jones played for two sides in his NBA career, starting with the Denver Nuggets before moving to the 76ers in 1978, where he remained for the rest of his career.

Jones’ was a four time NBA all star and made the All-Defensive team in eight consecutive seasons between 1977-84. His game was all about his defense (90 OVR) and he has no defending stat under 85 rated, making him a great addition for anyone who struggles on that end of the court.
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Written by Tom Young

20 year old student currently studying Sports Journalism at the University of South Wales.

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It’s hard to tell at this moment what it would take for the Chicago Bulls front office to finally part ways with head coach Jim Boylen.
If this downward spiral continues for the Chicago Bulls for much longer, all options should be on the table as to what to do to fix this problem and right the ship. The Bulls sit with a record of 6-14 through the first 20 games of the regular season. That’s not where head coach Jim Boylen and the Bulls wanted to be at after upgrading the roster significantly over the offseason.

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John Paxson and Gar Forman seem to love what they have in Boylen. Losing doesn’t seem to bother the coaching staff or the front office, which is going to be a problem that continues to annoy the fans. The Bulls are working their way well outside the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference, and toward another draft lottery pick.

However, the Bulls could repair the damage from the top-down this season if they finally make the move to shakeup either the coaching staff, front office, or both. GarPax and Boylen aren’t popular with the fan base, and with good reason. They just haven’t done anything to further this rebuild in its third year.

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This brand of Bulls basketball is getting harder and harder to watch every single game. With this latest Western Conference road trip largely coming up short, the impatience should only continue to grow from here.

Here’s a look into the three best current coaching candidates that could be called upon to replace Jim Boylen as head coach for the Chicago Bulls if he were to see the door by the end of the 2019-20 regular season.

It’s taken more than a month, but the Portland Trail Blazers finally have a little momentum.

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The Blazers defeated the Chicago Bulls 107-103 Friday night at the Moda Center, dismissing the NBA’s third-youngest team for the second time in the five nights.

The win gives the Blazers (8-12) their first three-game winning streak of the season.

Hassan Whiteside set a franchise record for blocks, Carmelo Anthony continued his NBA renaissance, Rodney Hood had another solid outing and the Blazers’ dynamic backcourt took care of the rest as Portland continued to creep out of its early-season funk.


Whiteside had the type of dominant defensive performance the Blazers were expecting when they acquired him from the Miami Heat in a four-team trade during the offseason, finishing with eight points, 15 rebounds and a franchise-record 10 blocks.

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The Blazers’ starting center blocked his first shot one minute, eight seconds into the game, swatting away a Zach LaVine floater, and the rejections came in waves from there, as he owned the paint against a Bulls team that thrives off driving to the basket.

Whiteside blocked four shots in the first quarter, had six by halftime, and collected a couple in crunch time that helped the Blazers fight off a surprisingly stiff challenge from Chicago (6-14).

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“Hassan had a hell of a game tonight,” Anthony said. “Being the anchor on the defensive end. We kind of fed off of that.”

Whiteside tied the franchise record with 4:55 left, when he blocked a LaVine driving layup from behind to preserve a four-point lead. And then, with 1:43 left and the Blazers clinging to a 101-98 lead, Whiteside swatted away a Tomas Satoransky drive to set the franchise mark.

He broke a record that had been shared by Bill Walton, Joel Przybilla, Theo Ratliff and Mychal Thompson.

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When told after the game that Walton was one of the players who owned the old record, Whiteside beamed.

“Anytime you beat a Hall of Fame record, it’s special,” he said.

But it wasn’t just Whiteside’s dominant shot-blocking that carried the Blazers Friday night. His last bucket came on a crucial last-second put-back that helped preserve the victory.

With the Blazers holding a 105-103 lead, Lillard tried to ice the game with a 9-foot turnaround jumper. It missed. But Whiteside skied out of nowhere and followed the errant shot with a left-handed tip-in with 8.8 seconds left, sealing the win.

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He ended up finishing two points shy of his fifth career triple-double. Whiteside, who fell two blocks shy of his career high, owns four of the NBA’s last five triple-doubles that include blocks.

Either way, for a player who has endured an injury-riddled and up-and-down beginning with the Blazers — and even had his effort challenged — it was a performance worth remembering.

“He had a great, great defensive performance,” Lillard said. “I thought it was pretty much the difference in the game for us. He came up big on the glass, rebounding out of his area and he blocked 10 shots. If they didn’t change (their offense), he probably would have blocked 15. That’s the version of him that we need to be the team that we planned on being to start the year.”

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Anthony continued to be a valuable addition for the Blazers, finishing with 23 points, 11 rebounds and four assists, Lillard had 28 points and six assists and CJ McCollum added 20 points and seven rebounds. All the while, Hood added another solid outing to his underrated season, recording 19 points on 7 of 12 shooting, including 3 of 5 from three-point range.

LaVine led the Bulls with 28 points, six rebounds and five assists and Wendell Carter Jr. added 16 points and nine rebounds.


It was the Blazers’ second consecutive win at home at an important point of the season. After a road-heavy first month, they will play 10 of their next 14 games at the Moda Center, where they have traditionally excelled.

So while the three-game winning streak features a pair of wins against the Bulls and a victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, they are also much needed for a Blazers team desperate to build a little holiday momentum after underwhelming most of the season.

The Chicago Bulls aren’t performing well as a team, so let’s talk about the individuals. Here’s how the players stack up against each other.
After 10 regular-season games, the Chicago Bulls were really disappointing. Now, after 20 games, they’re somehow even more disappointing. They’re 6-14 on the season and have the second-worst offense in the league. So much for this “playoff-hopeful” team.

Despite the Bulls playing horrible basketball as a unit over the first 20 games of the 2019-20 season, there has been some nice individual play. Let’s get into it.

8. Ryan Arcidiacono
Previous ranking: Unranked

Ryan Arcidiacono is arguably the least skilled player on the entire Bulls roster. There are a lot of G League guys that have more raw basketball skill than Arch. He brings two things to the table every night that earn him a spot on this list, though: effort and savviness.

His savvy play often pays off on both offense and defense. On offense, he uses noon-ball moves in the paint that help free him up for open floaters. On defense, he pulls the chair out when bigger opponents think they can post him up. He truly is one of the most intelligent players on this roster.

If you need a stat to quantify Arch’s effort, look no further than the list of players who have taken the most charges so far this season. Arch is tied for seventh.

When Ryan Arcidiacono is on the floor, you don’t have to worry about him. He’s not going to make egregious mistakes, which is more than you can say for a few guys on the roster.